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Bhubaneswar, Jan 24: The Odisha Home Department in their latest affidavit submitted before the Supreme Court has ‘on record’ admitted that a total of 3,706 persons have been acquitted while a total of 474 persons have been convicted in the infamous Kandhamal communal riots case.

The state government in their written submission before the apex court claimed that a total of 827 cases of communal violence had been reported in the district as per official records and out of this, charge sheets had been filed in 512 cases. It also went on to add that a total of 342 cases relating to the riots were disposed of while 79 such cases led to convictions.

In the detailed affidavit it was also stated that 263 cases were such where acquittals were granted by the courts. It also stated that despite the years old act of violence, 170 cases are still on trial in the state. Moreover appeals have also been made in 19 cases. It has also to the limelight that 6,594 suspected persons were either arrested or have surrendered in relation to the infamous rights.

The revelations from the state government has now come to the limelight after a petition was filed by petitioner Archbishop John Baruwa in the Supreme Court seeking a impartial investigation by a Special Investigating Team (SIT). Demands were also raised to direct the state government for reviews of the acquittals in the case.

The Kandhamal communal riots in 2008 lead to the assassinations of 39 Christians and massive vandalisation of churches in the district. It was believed that a total of 54,000 people had left their homes post riots. The riots sparked off after the murder of Swami Lakshmananda.


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