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Koraput, Jan 22: An order from a consumer court in the Koraput has hinted at the liability the insurance firms have to the people and their kin who buy insurance from the service providers and pay the premiums. In an interesting case the consumer court directed an insurance firm to pay the insurance claims after a request was made 10 years after the death of his father.

The son named Budra Pradhani who hails from Pradhaniguda area from the district claimed that he was not aware of the insurance bought by his father in 2006 from the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC). His father later died in 2007. The son claimed that he had been working in Andhra Pradesh and thus never knew about the insurance his deceases father bought.

Once after his return to his village, Pradhani came to know about the insurance and moved to the local offices of the LIC. The officials there were alleged to have informed Pradhani that he was not entitled to the benefits as per norms the claims should be made within three years since the demise of the insurer.

The District Consumer Disputes and Redressal Forum in its latest order however asked the LIC to pay the amount of Rs 30,000 as promised under the insurance with interest since the day of his application. The complainant however had demanded compensation for the delay and interest since the day of the demise of his father which was not granted by the court.

The court order has tried to give a boost to the insurance seekers who want to ensure that the benefits of the insurance reaches their kin after the death the insurer who paid timely premiums as per the norms.


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