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Bhubaneswar: Healthcare institutions from Odisha have now added new features to its caps now with the execution of India’s first documented cases of pseudoaneurysm (blood clot between two blood vessels). A city-based private hospital is now claimed to have undertaken this rare surgery first time in the country.

Doctors who operated upon the case on a women patient from the Keonjhar district of Odisha claimed such cases are very rare even in the world. The patient was not charged anything for her treatment as her treatment was covered with the state government Odisha Treatment Fund.

“Such cases are very rare. Till now the whole world has seen only 15 such cases. We have now done the 16th such case. As far as India is concerned, there is no documentary works published to claim such surgery in the country. This is the first such rare surgery in India done by our team at our hospital,” said Dr Karunakara Padhy, Director CTVS at BR Life Kalinga Super Specialty Hospital, Bhubaneswar.

The patient Manjulata, a 46-year-old woman was brought to the hospital with complaints of a large painful swelling on the right side of neck for past three months. Upon consultation, a CT angiogram was conducted which revealed a rare pseudoaneurysm arose from the one of her arteries going towards her backside skull (occipital artery).

Pseudoaneurysm refers to collection of blood that forms between the two outer layers of an artery. Occipital artery pseudoaneurysms are extremely rare entities and can occur after blunt or penetrating trauma or iatrogenic injury.

“In Bhubaneswar, this was the first time that such a rare operation was done successfully. The size of the pseudoaneurysm was 10x14cm. The swelling was like a lump which was growing outside and eroding the skull bone. Since the blood vessel was injured, the patient incurred huge blood loss, further leading to blood clot thus forming a tumour like mass which was required to be removed surgically,” Dr Padhy said.

The beneficiary in the case thanked the doctors for the surgery which got rid of her lump and her health woes. Manjulata said, “I used to keep my neck covered due to the big size lump on my neck and hide it from everyone. The lump was growing rapidly and so was my pain. At some point, the pain became unbearable. However, I am fortunate to have visited the hospital on time and got treated before it was too late.”


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