Odisha Congress issues 10 point charge sheet against BJD and BJP

TBN 20/02/24:     The Congress published a 10-point charge sheet against the ruling BJD and the BJP ahead of the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections.

Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee (OPCC) President Sarat Pattanayak stated at a press conference held here that the BJD-BJP coalition government governed Odisha from 2000 to 2009. Currently, the BJP-led NDA administration governs the nation, while the BJD rules the state.

Odisha people are facing discrimination in Odisha, according to OPCC Campaign Committee Chairman Bijay Patnaik, who provided a detailed explanation of the charge sheet.

In order to prevent Odisha-based contractors from competing, the State Government has methodically altered the procurement specifications. He said that contracts valued at least one lakh crore had been awarded to outside bidders.

Even Mahaprabhu has not been spared by the BJD party when it comes to self-promotion. Trucks and autorickshaws dubbed “Arpan Rath” have thermocol pictures of Lord Jagannath painted on them. He said, ‘The Lord has been made to beg people for rice, which is never in our custom.

“Without a bribe, no Awaas Yojana house, card, or pension is approved. These days, block offices are havens for corruption. Block employees are carrying out all of the tasks in an opaque manner. The Congress leader said that MGNREGS are being carried out by machines and that contractors are embezzling wages with the cooperation of Block employees.

Where is the CBI’s and the Odisha Police’s Crime Branch’s probe on Chit funds? He questioned, “What happened to the deposits of 60 lakh poor people?”

Declaring that the government has spent thirty-five crores to supply potable water to every home in rural areas, Patnaik stated that no house connection has been provided in rural areas thus far, and that contracts have been issued to outside contractors.

There are no government jobs that aren’t for sale, he claimed. There is a leak of question papers. He said that those who did not even show up for the exam had been deemed passed.

He cited a data from the NCRB stating that Odisha leads the nation in both female assault and abduction, particularly involving minors.

BJD leaders exclusively see women in self-help groups as captive audiences. They serve as a mask that allows BJD employees to prosper in their line of work. He claimed that Scooty is being blamed by CRPs for spreading BJD propaganda.

The Mission Shakti has merely increased the debt that women must repay, rather than increasing their actual earnings. As a result of these loans, women are suffering greatly, according to the head of the Campaigning Committee.

He continued by saying that the BJD Government had not undertaken any significant projects in the recent 24 years, despite the fact that Congress had built all of the main irrigation projects, including Hirakud, Delta Command Area, Indravati, Upper Kolab, Rengali, and so forth.

Rising prices are bad for all families. Diesel was sold for Rs 55 per litre in 2014. It is Rs. 100 today. Petrol cylinders cost Rs. 410 in 2014. It is Rs. 1100 today. Dal was priced at 80 rupees per kilogramme. It is Rs. 170 today. He continued, “The cost of vegetables, spices, and oil has increased beyond the reach of a housewife.”


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