Mysterious Circumstances Surround Death of Medical Student in Odisha

TBN 15/06: On Thursday, a tragic incident occurred at Maharaja Krishna Chandra Gajapati (MKCG) Medical College and Hospital in Berhampur, resulting in the death of a first-year student. The deceased, identified as Subhani Patnaik, was enrolled in the dermatology department of the medical college.

According to sources, Subhani was discovered in a critical condition within her hostel room and was promptly transported to the hospital. Despite undergoing treatment, she unfortunately passed away. Although the precise cause of her death remains uncertain, sources suggest that an overdose of migraine medication may have been responsible.

The police have taken custody of the body and have sent it for post-mortem examination to determine the exact cause of death. Bhairab Bhuyan, in-charge of the MKCG police outpost, stated, “The PG girl student was residing in the medical college hostel. After experiencing a migraine attack, she took some medication. However, when she was admitted to the hospital, the doctor pronounced her deceased. We have sent the body for autopsy.”

Dr. Professor Sudipta Das of MKCG explained, “Following the demise of Subhani Patnaik, a first-year PG student in the Skin and VD department, a case of unnatural death has been registered, and subsequently, a post-mortem examination was conducted. We were informed that she was suffering from a certain ailment. We have retained all her tissues for histopathological analysis, and her bodily fluids have been preserved. This will provide us with conclusive evidence regarding the cause of death.”

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