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Bhubaneswar: A video of Odisha Congress spokesperson Satyaprakash Nayak speaking to party workers in a public meeting has now started making rounds on social media platforms since December 6.

Nayak is heard taking in length on how cases of rapes in Odisha are dealt under the BJD rule and how in many such cases they are suppressed to favour the regional party and also the prime accused in many cases.

The vocal leader of the Congress party during his speech fired fresh salvos against Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik who also happens to be the Home Minister of the state and controls directly the police force in the state. Nayak told the party workers that in the history of Odisha, Naveen Babu will be remembered on how he dealt with cases relating to rapes.

The journalist-turned-politician also accused the state government of giving open patronage to his party men when they are accused in rape cases. He also said that in sensational cases of rapes which can put Naveen Babu in bad light or defame his government, the party tries to either suppress the case or give free hand to the police to do shoddy investigations which can result in acquittal of the accused.

“Under the Naveen Babu’s governance, the rape accused Pipli MLA Pradeep Mahararthy was made minister. He was acquitted not because of his innocence but due to the massive shoddy probe by the Crime Branch. Naveen Babu did not give the case to CBI but allowed its state police to probe the case,” he said.

He also said, “The Crime Branch denied divulging the evidence to the lower court but said it will submit the details in High Court. Why it was not submitted when required. The shoddy and partial probe by the Crime Branch led to acquittal of the BJD leader who was later gifted ministership. He was acquitted due to lack of evidence submitted by the police and its failure to do a fair probe,”

Nayak also accused that the Crime Branch made the key party men from the region as witnesses to the case to ensure a botched up investigation. The Congress leader also attacked the state government led by Naveen Patnaik for a botched up Kunduli rape case.

He said that the then Director General of Police admitted rape of the girl after meeting her. Later another MLA from the BJD itself also told the media about the rape and confirmed the same. The local forensic lab also validates presence of semen from multiple persons and also of occurrence of rape but later Naveen tried to suppress the case.

“The then DG, another BJD MLA confirmed rape. Gang-rape was validated by state forensic test. But Naveen did not show confidence in state forensic team. He sent the recovered items from the rape victim to West Bengal. It was said that in between the forensic items were changed to weaken the case. This is Naveen babu for you,” he said.

The Congress spokesperson also took a dig at the CM accusing him of failing badly in tackling with cases of rape and rising cases of crimes against women and on the other side rapping the opposition parties of doing politics.

“When we raise the main issues of lacuna in justice system this is not politics. Politics is what you do when it comes to cases of rape and assault to women in the state. Politics is when you award your rape accused party men with ministership. It is when you allow shoddy investigations by police to ensure weakening of convictions in rape cases,” he said.

After his fiery public speech made on how the Naveen government is struggling on the cases of women safety in the state at a time when the there is national outrage against rape cases, his video is now been shared multiple times on social media sites like Facebook and Whatsapp. The leader on the other side has also attacked the state government for their shoddy probes in rape cases in the state during his media briefings as spokesperson for the party.  

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