Stressed during lockdown? You are not alone, say Odisha psychiatrists

By-Pramit Karmakar

Bhubaneswar, May 27: The lockdown curbs which most Indians never had experienced in their entire life are forcing many to stay indoor. While many are managing to fight the boredom and other hurdles, several during the period ended up with added stress, marital discord and other psyche-related issues.

Leading psychiatrists and psychologists from the state claim that these are not stray incidents and many people during the last 2 months reported such cases to them and sought their help. The experts claim that by doing some changes in the lifestyle, people can fight the stress successfully.

Dr Amrit Pattojoshi, is noted psychiatrist from Bhubaneswar. He said that he practiced everyday during the lockdown and despite lockdown curbs he continued to see patients in good numbers seeking psychological help which he claimed hinted at the increase anxiety and stress levels of the people.

“During the last two months we have seen more people coming up with issues like anxiety, depression and people with higher number of stress cases.  Many started developing sleep disorders due to irregular sleep cycles. Even some married couple started have trouble for living with themselves at home for long. There were also cases of anger outbursts and other issues,” Dr Pattojoshi said.

When asked for solutions for the escalating stress levels, he said, “Have a disciplined life, we should be more focused on what we want to do, rather than following others. Try to do as much as you can like when your life was not in lockdown. Manage time and try every things with a positive intent. Let’s be fair and not harsh to the people around us. Everyone has problems within themselves. We can always solve this by helping each other.” said Dr. Amrit Pattojoshi.

Dr Suvendu Mishra is another psychiatrist from Bhubaneswar. He said that as soon as the cases of COVID 19 started surging and first phase of lockdown was announced many people got anxious. “Many started fearing that if they venture out they might die, they might contract Corona. Drug addicts had their own set of problems anticipating shortage of their addictions. They started feeling withdrawal symptoms like irritability, sweating and panic attacks,” he said.

“The best way to manage stress is to maintain regular day to day routine activity, like waking up at a particular time, include exercise and meditation in your life. Set small goals to complete in day. Focus on household chores, giving quality time to parents and children and keeping oneself busy. This is called daily activity scheduling,”  Bhubaneswar-based psychiatrist Dr Suvendu Narayan Mishra told The Blink.

Author: TheBlink

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